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Canberra is perhaps the wasp capital of Australia, not only for the native paper wasp, but the dangerous European wasp. Residential Reports can destroy and remove wasps nests, keeping your family and pets safe.

Residential Reports: Canberra’s Foremost Wasp Removal Specialists

At Residential Reports, we are proud to be Canberra's preferred choice for professional and effective wasp removal services. With extensive knowledge and superior skills, we ensure a secure, wasp-free environment for your home or business.

Prompt Wasp Removal Canberra

Discovering a wasp nest can be unnerving. That's why we’re here to set your mind at ease with our fast and reliable wasp removal in Canberra. Our team of experts swiftly identifies the severity of the infestation, devises effective removal strategies, and implements them professionally to restore peace and safety to your property.

Specialised Wasp Nest Removal Canberra

Our unique wasp nest removal Canberra service ensures efficient handling and removal of wasp nests in your property. With a careful examination of the situation, followed by safe removal practices, we ensure the nests are fully evacuated, and chances of future infestations are minimal.

European Wasp Removal Canberra: Tackling the Uninvited Guests

The European wasp is a common menace in Canberra. With a sting that is particularly painful, they pose a greater threat to residences and commercial areas alike. Our specially designed European wasp removal Canberra service ensures these invasive guests are efficiently eradicated, safeguarding the well-being of your family or business.

Why Choose Residential Reports For Your Wasp Removal?

At Residential Reports, we combine our profound understanding of wasp behaviour, their nesting preferences, and effective removal methods to provide a service that guarantees your safety and comfort. Whether you require standard wasp removal or specialised European wasp removal, we are your best bet in Canberra.

Secure your Canberra property from unwanted guests. Contact Residential Reports today for comprehensive wasp removal services!

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Allow us to introduce you to our broad spectrum of superior inspection and control services, designed with your specific needs in mind:

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Pest Control Canberra: Get rid of unwanted intruders with our reliable pest control services in Canberra. Our efficient and effective pest control strategies ensure a pest-free environment in your residential or commercial properties. We target a variety of pests using safe, eco-friendly methods that guarantee your safety and peace of mind.

Termite Control: Protect your investment with our specialised termite control service. Our team uses advanced termite detection and eradication methods to identify any termite activity and strategise effective measures to treat your property. Stay ahead of any potential timber-related issues and ensure the longevity of your investment.

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Wasp Removal Canberra - Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect your Wasp Removal Canberra services to eliminate a wasp infestation at my property?

Our team at Residential Reports prioritises quick and effective wasp removal. Once we receive a call, we conduct a swift assessment and devise a prompt strategy for wasp removal. While the exact time frame depends on the severity and location of the infestation, our objective remains to perform safe and efficient removal as quickly as possible.

What does your Wasp Nest Removal Canberra service include?

Our wasp nest removal service in Canberra includes a thorough investigation of infestation locations, the safe and efficient removal of the identified wasp nests, and preventive measures to reduce the chances of future infestations. Our team ensures that the entire wasp nest is evacuated, making your property safer.

How does your European Wasp Removal Canberra service handle European wasp infestations?

Our European wasp removal service in Canberra involves a series of steps, including identifying the species, locating the nest, and developing an effective eradication plan. European wasps pose a particular challenge due to their painful sting and aggressive nature, hence we take additional precautions to handle such infestations, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your property and its inhabitants.

What wasp control treatments do we provide?

Wasp prevention

Our general pest control spray will prevent wasps building their nests on the outside of buildings, by spraying the outside walls (particularly under the eaves).

Wasp nest elimination and removal

If you have an established wasp nest, we will need to carry out a wasp nest elimination treatment. The exact type of treatment will depend on the species (paper wasp or European wasp) location of the nest and the size of the nest. In most cases we will carry out the treatment in the evening when the wasps are back in the nest and generally less active.

We will knock down paperwasp nests after treatment. For European wasps we will revisit the day after treatment to make sure the nest has been destroyed. We will then remove accessible nest, but for nests in the ground, we would simply recommend filling the entrance hole with soil.

Call our friendly staff to book your wasp prevention treatment or wasp nest elimination and protect your family

Tips for preventing wasps building their nests

  • Wasps typically build their nests hanging of branches and large leaves. Trim back bushes and over-hanging branches from the perimeter of your home.
  • Carry out regular inspections of the perimeter of your building and gardens for wasp activity and signs of early nest building, especially in Spring.
  • European wasps like meat and sugary foods – don’t encourage them into the area by leaving food and petfood outside and ensure rubbish bins are kept closed.
  • Make sure that any composting is carried out in containers, as European wasps like to build nests under uncovered compost heaps.

A bit more about wasps...

European wasps can be very aggressive and with their nests reaching up to 100,000 individuals, they can be a serious safety concern. As their nests are often built underground there is no way of knowing how big the nest is, which is why wasp control is best tackled by a professional.

Paper wasps produce a lot smaller nests and are less aggressive, but nevertheless they can deliver a painful sting and nests should be removed before they get too large.

Where do they nest?

  • European wasps: Wasps only travel 50-250m from their nest, so if you find wasps on your property, there will be a nest nearby. Around 80% of European wasp nest are found in the ground, typically in an area of raised soil, only visible by a single entrance (hole in the ground). The remainder of the nests can be found in trees on in buildings (roof spaces, wall voids, eaves).
  • Paper wasps: Nest hang off branches or the underside of large leaves. On buildings they typically hang off the eaves

What do they eat?

  • European wasps eat protein (meat) but also are highly attractive to sugar foods. Wasps around rubbish, picnic areas and especially soft drink cans are a major problem.
  • Paper wasps mainly feed on protein, capturing caterpillars for their young

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