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At Residential Reports we have an unwavering policy about the inspectors we employ… they must have all swung a hammer in earnest. Yes qualifications are important (and they must have that to be on our team), but we are passionate that they genuinely understand residential buildings and you can only do this if you have done a hard days work in construction. Our inspectors are also Qualified Pest Inspectors (which is not mandatory in ACT!) so you are assured that the person on the job is qualified to report on one of the most serious risks to the property.

Buyer enquiries are made top priority by our company. The Canberra market now faces an incredibly sophisticated consumer group who ask questions and want immediate answers. We have a dedicated team ready to manage client enquiries to ensure nothing stands in the way of the offer they are going to make on your property. If you are a Buyer you can be sure that you will be talking to experts who understand the investment you are making and will give you the time you need to alleviate any concerns.

We have been inspecting properties since 2003 and work with all Canberra’s leading Real Estate Brands – we are accurate, thorough, fair, and mindful that we are working for both Sellers and their Buyers. Our reports indemnify both parties and we take that responsibility seriously. In our experience inspecting more homes across the region than any other company, the key to a smooth sale is engaging a company with the reputation to satisfy intending purchasers so they are comfortable to rely on the advice of the inspector. At Residential Reports our brand is widely recognised for the honest, measured and comprehensive approach that we take to reviewing your most valuable asset.

The presale inspections industry in our region is a tough one to navigate. The only mandatory qualification for Building & Pest Inspectors is the requirement to hold an Energy Rating licence. After more than two decades working with Buyers and Sellers we are passionate about consumers making informed choices – it makes sense to engage a qualified and experienced expert to conduct your presale report. If you are presented with an incomplete report where the property has not been critically assessed or there are errors in the compliance table, the omissions invariably come to light and can significantly impact the negotiations process, or an offer at the 11th hour. We have worked on thousands of homes and know the contribution that we can make to the sales process is valuable.

We also love that we can contribute a percentage from each inspection to our Without a Roof Program – getting up each day to do our jobs is just that much more satisfying knowing that we are making a small difference to a big issue in Canberra.

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  • We have conducted more inspections than any other company
  • Qualifications AND practical experience are priorities
  • Our turnaround is unsurpassed
  • We understand real estate and the critical role we play in the sales process