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LATEST TERMITE NEWS: With the increasing wet weather the region has experienced, termite mating flights have started. If you see flying termites in the evenings of find the shed wings of flying termites on the ground in the morning, you have a large termite nest in the area. Please give us a call immediately for a comprehensive termite inspection.

Termite Inspection In Canberra - A "Health Check" For Your Home

At Residential Reports, we are dedicated to ensuring your home stays safe from the destructive force of termites. Our expert team conducts the most thorough termite inspection Canberra residents can trust, utilising state-of-the-art technology and proven techniques.

We're not just about identifying the problem; we're about providing lasting solutions. With Residential Reports, you're getting more than a simple inspection; you're securing your home's future.

Given that the likelihood of a termite invasion in your home is higher than the combined risk of fire, flood, and other natural disasters, it's crucial to schedule a regular termite inspection in Canberra. As per Australian Standards, it's recommended to have an annual termite inspection, with more frequent checks in areas facing high termite pressure.

Not only do our inspections aim to identify if termites in Canberra are assaulting your property or lurking in your backyard, but they also pinpoint potential issues around your home that need rectification to make it less appealing to termites. The secret to efficient termite control in Canberra is making your home uninviting to these destructive pests.

With Residential Reports' thorough inspections, you can not only detect these unwanted guests but also learn to implement measures that deter them. Choose us for reliable termite treatment in Canberra and ensure a termite-free living environment. We don't just eliminate termites; we provide solutions to keep them away for good.

Our termite inspections really are like a “health check” on your property, great for home owners and property investors alike. With our detailed knowledge of the species of termites in the Canberra area, our termite inspections can pick up the early warning signs of a termite attack.

Residential Reports – Our Comprehensive Termite Inspection

  • Inspection inside, outside, roof void, sub-floor, garage and yard
  • Use of moisture metre to detect leaks or areas of moisture behind walls
  • Use of Termatrac T3i (moisture metre / heat measurement / motion detector)
  • Sounding wood to check for termite activity / wood decay
  • Post-inspection discussion of findings, advice on options for termite treatments & protection
  • Comprehensive report with recommendations

At Residential Reports, we believe in transparency and ease of understanding. Unlike many other service providers whose reports are filled with complex legal terminology and intricate jargon, we provide clear, comprehensive inspection reports in straightforward English. All our inspections are carried out following the Australian Standards 3660.

As you compare various termite inspection Canberra services, take note of the estimated time they allocate for the inspection. A meticulous inspection demands time to examine every part of the property in detail. A thorough termite inspection could take up to 2 hours or more, depending on factors like the property's size, construction type, and the issues that might be discovered.

For a standard 3/4 bedroom house built on a concrete slab, an inspection completed in less than an hour should raise red flags about its thoroughness. Entrust your home's safety to us at Residential Reports for the sense of security only a proper termite inspection can provide. When it comes to termite control Canberra services, we stand out with our commitment to detail and comprehensive services. Contact Residential Reports to schedule your next termite inspection and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is in safe hands.

Many of our regulars save money by combining their annual termite inspection and pest treatment in a single visit.

World class Termite inspection equipment

One of our key inspection tools is the Termatrac T3i. It compliments our skills as termite inspectors and provides us (and you, as our customers) with the confidence that we have done everything to check your property. How the Termatrac helps…

  • Motion detector: Can pick up the movement of termites behind walls

  • Thermal measurements: Can pick up small differences in the wall temperatures which may indicate termite activity inside the wall cavity

  • Moisture measurement: Useful for picking up areas of moisture which may indicate a water leak or area of termite activity.

What's the difference between a pre-purchase pest inspection and a termite inspection?

A pre-purchase pest inspection or more accurately a timber pest inspection is carried out before the purchase of a property (either by the seller and / or buyer). It will assess the property for more than just termites, also looking at borer activity, wood decay fungus and mould. Given its importance in the sales process, an agreement needs to be signed before an inspection is carried out.

In contrast, the standard termite inspection is carried out by property owners as part of their normal property maintenance routine. Normally these inspections are carried out on an annual basis, but sometimes more frequently on properties with a higher risk of termite attack. No pre-inspection agreement is required, and the inspection is focused solely on termites. (However, if we spot wood decay or borer issues, we will let you know!).

Why Choose Residential Reports for Your Termite Inspection in Canberra?

Our team at Residential Reports are highly skilled, and we have years of experience dealing with termites Canberra locals have come to despise.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Thorough Inspections: We don't leave any stone unturned when looking for termites. We meticulously examine every corner of your home to ensure it is termite-free.
  • Expert Solutions: Upon discovering termites, we formulate a customised treatment plan that targets the termites directly and effectively.
  • Preventative Measures: After treatment, we don't stop there. We provide preventative measures and advice to keep termites from ever coming back.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Our customers are our top priority. We ensure you are fully informed, comfortable, and satisfied with our services from start to finish.

Secure your home with Residential Reports, Canberra's leading provider of termite inspections, treatments, and control services. Contact us today for an inspection, and let's make your home termite-free.

Protect your home, protect your future – choose Residential Reports.

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