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Pest control in Canberra is a little bit different to other places, be it the explosion of spiders in spring or European wasp nests in summer, so it pays to use a local pest control company with experience. There is now a recommendation for ACT Schools to employ an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy to support the health and safety of the students, staff and wider school community.  

An IPM is a long-term approach to maintaining healthy landscapes within a commercial facility to minimise risk to people and the environment. Our service includes a site assessment, monitoring plan and treatment recommendations that include a combination of environmentally friendly solutions to keep pests within acceptable limits for a school environment. The plan addresses cultural, mechanical, physical and biological controls with selective use of EPA approved pesticides when needed. The plan focusses on educational strategies that should be employed by the school community to enhance pest prevention and to build support for the school’s commitment to a safer, more sustainable approach to facilities management. 

Integrated Pest Management Plans for ACT Schools

IPM in buildings such as schools, hospitals and offices usually focuses on rodents and common insects such as cockroaches, ants, termites and lice.

An IPM plan is the most sensible, economical and sustainable method of managing pests in any situation with the least possible risk to people, property and the environment. IPM can be defined in numerous ways according to the situation, but common features are prevention, regular monitoring and use of multiple suitable and compatible techniques (as opposed to relying on one single method) to reduce pest populations and maintain them at levels that do not cause injury or concern.

IPM Practices Include:

Forward Planning

Regular Monitoring

Timely Decision Making

Children’s Safety is Our Priority

Residential Reports is a family owned and operated business that has been an established Canberra service provider for 20 years. Our technicians hold a valid Working With Vulnerable People card and are experienced in working on sites where children or vulnerable people are present. We wear a uniform and follow all protocols and procedures for the school’s individual site induction requirements. We are parents and grandparents of school aged children and commit to ensuring our service meets the highest standards for the safety and wellbeing of your school community. We conduct a risk assessment when we attend the premises and ensure that there are no treatments installed that could be harmful to students or staff during school hours. If comprehensive treatments that require minimal foot traffic are recommended, these will be installed outside of school hours or during school holidays. 

We provide pest treatment advice after the installation, so you know what products have been applied and whether there are any specific instructions (all pest control companies are required to do this by law).

Specialised Pest Control Treatments

Sometimes schools have a specific pest control problem or a major pest infestation which needs a different, more specialised treatment than a general pest control service. With our knowledge of specific pest control problems in the Canberra area (such as European wasps), we also provide a range of specific treatment options for schools to take care of common pests:

We tailor these pest control treatments to the specific problem we find at the building. These treatments are often specific to the pest in question and used specific pest control products. Most importantly we try to determine the cause of the infestation, to prevent a re-occurrence – successful pest management is as much about prevention as cure!

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Specialised pest control treatment comes with different warranty / service periods and depends on the pest, nature and scale of the problem and any specific issues we may find on the property.

We also provide a complete range of termite services; including termite inspections and termite treatment specifically tailored to a school environment.

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