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How does the inspections process work?


All ACT & NSW SELLERS REPORTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR OUR DEFERRED PAYMENT PROGRAM: There are NO upfront expenses and NO additional fees, our invoice is paid at settlement and we take care of all paperwork and liaise with your solicitor who will remit payment directly to us.


Selling or buying in the ACT or NSW? Residential Reports have you covered:

In the ACT all Sellers require the following 4 reports detailed below (a unit will only require an Energy Rating). If you are Selling or Buying in NSW we recommend a Building Report and Timber Pest Report are completed.

The process is simple:

  1. Book online or by phone (if online you’ll be called immediately to confirm an appointment time)
  2. We liaise with Access Canberra to obtain your building file (for ACT Sellers reports) – files take approx 4 working days
  3. We arrive as scheduled for your inspection … and always with a smile
  4. Reports are released the day after inspection
  5. For Sellers reports (if you choose to defer the payment) we liaise with your solicitor and our payment is remitted on settlement – we allow up to 6 months before payment of our fees is required. To find out more about our No Pay Packages Click Here
  6. Questions from Sellers and Buyers are answered promptly – we are there any time you need us
  7. If your report requires amendments or revisions in the case of repairs being undertaken post inspection or an updated building file with new compliance certificates, our administrators ensure updates are processed swiftly and at no additional charge to you

The 4 Standard Reports Explained

A comprehensive investigation of your property which may include comments on: brick work, roofing/roof space, eaves & fascia, sub-floor space, internal rooms, ceilings, wall linings, tiling and flooring, shower recess etc. The maintenance inspection reviews non-structural building elements identifying significant general maintenance requirements.

To complete your compliance report we obtain your building files from Access Canberra. The file includes a survey certificate, building plans and certificates of occupancy and use. House and land improvements are compared to the plans to identify any elements that are unapproved.

In the ACT all homes that are on the market for sale must have a valid Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) Report. This documentation gives an overview of the design elements of the property that relate to energy efficiency. The inspection will include a review of: orientation, insulation, air leakage, design features, floor type, glazing, common walls etc.

This report is particularly important as a building can be affected by any one of several wood destroying pests. Of particular concern are termites (commonly called “white ants”) and timber decay which can render a house structurally unsound.


ACT legislation requires a Vendor to provide their Buyer with a suite of Building, Compliance, Timber Pest and EER (Energy Efficiency) Reports prior to sale. It is a requirement that these reports along with your sales contract are ready to go before you start marketing. The key to a smooth transition to sale is that the Seller must engage a company with the experience and reputation to satisfy intending purchasers so they are comfortable to rely on the advice of the inspector. 

At Residential Reports our brand is recognised for the honest, measured and comprehensive approach that we take to reviewing your most valuable asset. Client enquiries from Buyers have risen dramatically over the last decade and we have a dedicated team ready to work with your stakeholders to answer questions superfast and ensure your sale is closed! .Need it fast? The standard turnaround for your building file is 3 – 4 days with Access Canberra, if you wish to pay for an Access Canberra Fastrack file, we can turn reports around in 24 hours – subject to appointment availability.


Modelled on the ACT Presale Reporting System, we are witnessing significant advantages when a Seller in NSW supplies intending purchasers with a comprehensive report that they can depend on.

  • No additional upfront costs for the Seller
  • Streamlined administration for all stakeholders
  • Negotiations and sales procedures are fast-tracked
  • Stakeholders will all refer to and rely upon one report

The key to adopting this method is that the vendor must engage a company with the experience and reputation to satisfy intending purchasers so they are comfortable to rely on the advice of the inspector. At Residential Reports our brand is recognised for the honest, measured and comprehensive approach that we take to reviewing your most valuable asset.


These packages are designed for clients who wish to book an independent inspection. Depending on the property you may wish to commission a building, maintenance and timber pest component to the job where our expert builders review the property with an eagle eye and report their findings back to you in a simple and comprehensive document. Independent inspections are regularly being booked with our company as our local community recognises the importance of having a ‘Residential Reports’ Inspector evaluate their prospective home.



“No reliance may be placed on (building reports) for any contract entered into more than 180 days after the date of the inspection”: Civil Law (Sale of Residential Property) Regulation 2004 Legislation.

No matter which inspection company you engage, reports conducted in the ACT will only ever be valid for 180 days.

Expired reports can be used during marketing if your property has not sold within 6 months. When you have secured a purchaser you should then arrange for a re-inspection as their solicitor will require a valid report to form part of the contract for sale.

It is a legislative requirement that your property has been ‘continuously marketed’ in order to be eligible for a re-inspection. If your property has been taken off the market it is required that you book a new inspection where we obtain a new building file from Access Canberra. When you sell your property your buyer’s solicitor will insist on this at exchange of contracts.

Following the expiry of reports a complete re-inspection is conducted, the process is the same as that undertaken originally and the property is again carefully inspected to ensure that the new report reflects the current condition. We do not “sign off” on expired reports! The cost of the new report will be the amount reimbursed to the seller at settlement.


Need a building, pest or EER report that sits outside the square? Call us on 6288 0402 and we can accommodate your requirements.