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Handover & 90 Day new build inspections


Congratulations! Your new home has been built, painted and the builders equipment is almost cleared, now it’s time to ensure any minor tasks are completed before you accept your keys and move in. Our goal is to collaborate with you and your builder, ensuring efficient management of your Handover and 90 Day Owners Maintenance Inspection resulting in successful outcomes for all parties. Upon the completion of your new development, arranging a Handover Report is an important step prior to formal occupation. Following this, a 90-Day Inspection will also be required. These assessments are designed to assist you in working with your builder to identify any areas of the building needing attention, fostering a smooth process and clear communication.


Conducted Prior to Moving In

A building handover report outlines the condition and status of a newly constructed building upon completion, following approvals issued by a Certifier. It typically includes details on any defects or issues that may have been overlooked during final construction and assists the owner to provide a list of outstanding tasks or areas requiring rectification before occupation.

Engaging a professional to handle this process is highly beneficial. The Residential Reports team bring a trained eye to assess the property thoroughly, reviewing alignment with Standards and Tolerances. Our inspectors are equipped to identify potential problems that an untrained eye might overlook, allowing for prompt resolution before the handover. Our report serves as a crucial reference for accountability, facilitating clear communication between stakeholders and ensuring a smoother transition of ownership or occupancy. At this inspection we will provide you with your ‘Occupants Handbook‘ which will serve as a guide for your first three months getting to know your new property.


Conducted 3 Months After Receiving Your Keys

Once you’ve settled in to your building, it’s time to proceed with your 90-Day Owner’s Inspection Report. This report serves the purpose of identifying and addressing any initial issues that may have emerged during your settling-in period. Our inspector can discuss any questions or concerns you may have, and reference the original Handover Report to ensure you have covered all bases. Our role is to collaborate with you, ensuring alignment between your expectations and those of your builder. We aim to establish a transparent communication schedule, enabling prompt resolution of any remaining remedial touch-ups.


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After we have received your booking we will co-ordinate a time with you and your builder so we can all attend the Handover or 90 Day Inspection. This will take about 90 minutes on site and then a formal report will be released the following business day.


You will share this report with your builder to facilitate follow up on any remediation that needs to take place during the handover period.


We recommend referring to the Occupants Handbook that we will provide as you settle in and enjoy your new property. During the first 90 days it is reasonable to expect that there may be minor issues that come up, your Occupants Handbook will assist with you observing and logging any items that would require attention from the builder. After 8 - 10 weeks, we will contact you to arrange your 90 Day Owners Inspection. At this time we will refer to notes you have made since moving in and liaise with you to confirm what should reasonably be referred back to the builder for review. This again assists with aligning expectations and facilitating positive and practical engagement between all parties.

Residential Reports: High Quality and Precise Building Inspections

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Considering a real estate investment in Canberra? Our pre-purchase building inspection service is specifically designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the property in question. We delve into the condition of the property, providing crucial insights to guide your decision-making process.

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Experience our expertly crafted suite of services, each tailored to meet your unique requirements:

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Building Reports - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Residential Reports for Building Inspection Reports in Canberra?

Residential Reports is committed to providing thorough and accurate building inspection reports. Our team of experts meticulously assesses every aspect of your property, generating a comprehensive overview that helps you make informed decisions about your property. Our commitment to detail, accuracy, and excellent customer service sets us apart.

What advantages does getting a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection in Canberra provide?

A pre-purchase building inspection gives you vital information about the property you"re considering. It outlines the property's condition, identifying any potential issues or repair needs that could impact your decision or the price negotiation process. It is a proactive measure that could save you unexpected future repair costs.

What"s included in the comprehensive Building Inspections ACT provided by Residential Reports?

Our comprehensive building inspections in ACT include an in-depth review of your property"s structural elements, roofing, insulation, ventilation and more. We look for any signs of damage, wear, or potential issues that could become significant problems in the future. All findings are detailed in our easy-to-understand repor