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Residential Reports: The Ultimate Solution for Your Pest Control Needs

Residential Reports is your trusted partner in managing and maintaining safe, healthy, and pest-free premises in Canberra. With a hands-on team proficient in pest control and removal services, we assure a peaceful home environment and thriving business setups in Canberra.

Effective and Reliable Pest Control Canberra

Are you troubled by invading pests? Our pest control Canberra services aim at identifying and eliminating a diverse range of pests, thereby safeguarding the integrity and health of your property. Armed with top-notch equipment and safe pest-control practices, we are committed to deliver the highest level of service and results to you.

Comprehensive Canberra Pest Control: One-Stop-Shop

Whether you’re battling against roaches, termites, or rodents, our Canberra pest control services are all you need to regain the pest-free comfort of your abode. Our multi-disciplinary team has years of experience and knowledge in dealing with the multifarious pest challenges that property owners face in Canberra.

Prompt and Professional Pest Removal Canberra

Don’t let the fear of pests hinder your peace of mind. With our rapid-response pest removal Canberra service, the safety and health of your property are no longer at the mercy of unwelcome guests. Equipped with best-in-class technology and eco-friendly solutions, we ensure the maximum efficacy of our pest removal efforts whilst reducing the environmental impact.

Canberra's Premier Pest Inspection Services

Before investing in a new home or commercial property, avoid future unexpected troubles with a comprehensive pest inspection in Canberra. Our thorough pest inspections delve beneath the surface to unveil the presence of unwelcome visitors, offering you a complete pest status report of the property.

Get in touch with us today for your pest control Canberra needs and guarantee a pest-free, healthy, and secure environment for your residential or commercial property.

Your ACT and Queanbeyan pest control specialists

Pest control in Canberra is a little bit different to other places, be it the explosion of spiders in spring or European wasp nests in summer, so it pays to use a local pest control company with experience. 

Residential Reports offers a complete range of specialist pest control and termite services. However, most Canberra homeowners prefer a once a year general pest treatment to keep the creepy crawlies at bay. We believe our "5 star" general pest control treatment is the most comprehensive pest control treatment in Canberra and nearby NSW.

If you are looking for a quality, comprehensive pest control in Canberra or the surrounding area, This is certainly not a quick “spray and pay”! We spend time to carry out a complete and professional pest control treatment, which is why we can offer our 6 month warranty (although it can last much longer). It’s a great feeling to have a pest free home…

Insects covered: Cockroaches, ants inside, web-building spiders, earwigs and slaters.
Warranty: 6 months (excludes external ants)
Products used: Sprays, powders (for roof void), cockroach gels (for kitchens) and professional aerosols for wardrobes and linen cupboards

What’s the difference between a pre-purchase pest inspection and a termite inspection?

A pre-purchase pest inspection or more accurately a timber pest inspection is carried out before the purchase of a property (either by the seller and / or buyer). It will assess the property for more than just termites, also looking at borer activity, wood decay fungus and mould. Given its importance in the sales process, an agreement needs to be signed before an inspection is carried out.

In contrast, the standard termite inspection is carried out by property owners as part of their normal property maintenance routine. Normally these inspections are carried out on an annual basis, but sometimes more frequently on properties with a higher risk of termite attack. No pre-inspection agreement is required and the inspection is focused solely on termites. (However, if we spot wood decay or borer issues, we will let you know!).


Roof Void


We also treat garden shed, fences, clothes line and cubby houses – after all it’s a comprehensive treatment!

How safe are our pest control treatments?

Before we start any pest treatment we carry out an inspection and risk assessment, to determine whether there are any safety issues and discuss whether you have any particular concerns.

We only use products that are safe to using around the home. However, as people, children and pets need to be kept clear during the treatment and remain clear until it is dry, we always recommend leaving the home during treatment. This allows us to complete a thorough treatment without worrying about children and pets. When you get back, you will return to a clean, pest-free home!

We provide a pest treatment advice after the treatment, so you know what products have been applied and whether there are any specific instructions (all pest control companies are required to do this by law).

Extra value…

Many of our customers have their annual termite inspection carried out at the same time, giving them a significant saving over the price of two separate services.

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Commercial Canberra pest control services

As well as providing residential pest control, Residential Reports also provide pest control treatments to commercial clients in Canberra and the surrounding areas (including hotels, offices, restaurants and food establishments). Although we do one off jobs, many of our commercial clients prefer to be on a regular treatment plan. The nature of your business will determine the frequency of visits and type of treatment and may vary from once a month (common for restaurants) through to once a year.

We will design a program suitable for your business and provide you with the necessary documentation and process required to meet the internal requirements and external regulatory requirements for your type of business.

Give us a call to discuss you requirements.

Specialised pest control treatments

Sometimes customers have a specific pest control problem or a major pest infestation which needs a different, more specialised treatment than our general pest control service. With our knowledge of specific pest control problems in the Canberra area (such as European wasp), we also provide a range of specific pest control treatment programs to cover the common pests:

We tailor these pest control treatments to the specific problem we find at your property. These treatments are often specific to the pest in question and used specialised pest control products. Most importantly we try to determine the cause of the infestation, to prevent a re-occurrence – successful pest management is as much about prevention as cure!

Give us a call to find out how we can help.

Specialised pest control treatment come with different warranty / service free periods and depend on the pest, nature and scale of the problem and any specific issues we may find on the property.

We also provide a complete range of termite services; including termite inspections and termite treatments.

Pest Control Canberra - What you need to know...

Before you choose a pest control company in Canberra

When you type in “Pest control Canberra” or something similar you will get a variety of companies come up in search results. With so many pest control companies out there all charging different prices, it is difficult to know which pest control company and what pest treatment to choose.

The pest technician needs to be licensed and insured to carry out the pest control treatment being requested. They are required to provide you with their license and insurance on request. Unfortunately, there a lot of “cowboys” in the industry (often charging the cheapest prices), who are not licensed or insured, so be careful! When you are protecting your home and family and insecticides are being applied, it’s important that you trust that the pest manager is knowledgeable, professional and will take their time to apply a comprehensive and safe pest control treatment.

Always ask for a quote and clarify exactly what their service involves, how long it will take (see “What to expect with a pest control treatment”) and what warranties or service free periods are provided. Of course, ask them to confirm they are licensed and insured. It should allow you to compare quotes and ensure you are getting the service you require and one that’s good value for money!

Don’t forget the importance of an annual termite inspection. By combining the termite inspection with general pest treatment, you will normally get a significant discount on the separate services.

What to expect with a pest control treatment

Before starting the treatment, the pest technician should inspect the property (to confirm the nature of the pest problem and work out what pest treatment is required), discuss any issues with you, explain the treatment and carry out a risk assessment.

Before applying any product the technician should carry out a risk assessment. This involves assessing the property and surrounding properties for any safety or environmental issues that need to be considered before applying a product.

The duration of a pest control treatment will vary depending on the size of the property, construction type and level of pest infestation. For example a home with a sub-floor will take longer than a home on a concrete slab. But as a guide, for the typically modern 3/4 bedroom Canberra home on a concrete slab, a general pest treatment should take around an hour. If it is taking them less than 30 minutes you should be worried.

Typically the treatment will involve spraying the perimeter of the property, all surfaces, around doors, windows, other entry points, under the eaves, gutters and any foliage. This treatment is targeting crawling insects such as large cockroaches and ants, as well as web-spinning spiders.

A quality pest technician would spray inside the house as needed and choose the correct products and if the property has a particular problem with specific insect additional products such as gel baits, sticky boards, dusts and granules may be applied to the affected areas.

The roof void is a key area to inspect and treat. Typically pest technicians will blow an insecticide powder through the roof void to provide a fine layer over all the surfaces. This can be very effective at keeping pest numbers down. 

If the house has a sub-floor, this area should be inspected and then treated with a spray and / or powder, as required.

Depending on your requirements, treatment of the garage, sheds & fences may also be included in the service.

Most pest control treatments will come with a warranty period, normally 6 months. To maintain the warranty, the homeowner needs to have met any conditions specified by the pest technician at the time of the treatment. If a pest issue covered by the warranty arises during the warranty period, the normal procedure is for the technician to come back and provide a supplementary pest control treatment to solve the issue (free of charge).

Some pest control companies may also include a “rodent treatment” as part of their service. Such rodent treatments only normally deal with low level / background rodent issues, dealing with a rodent problem will be a more involved exercise with additional charges.

It is important to note that, although the pest technician is “inspecting” your home, they are not specifically looking for termites and it is not a formal termite inspection. You should be very cautious about accepting a free termite check, this is not the same as a comprehensive professional termite inspection (which you should have a least once a year).

After the treatment the pest technician should provide you with a pest treatment advice, which specifies what products have been applied to what locations around your home and whether there are any specific instructions (all pest control companies are required to do this by law).

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