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Residential Reports' Covid Safe Plan

This plan has been formulated to ensure the health and wellbeing of Residential Reports’ staff and our clients is made the highest priority. Strict adherence is mandatory during periods when Government sanctions require businesses to enforce additional levels of safety for the community.

  1. Residential Reports’ staff are fully vaccinated. Our team have not travelled to hot spots and will only attend work if physically well and free of COVID symptoms. Inspectors do not come back to head office and do not cross over with other team members. In the event that a staff member reports symptoms, they will be required to isolate until they receive a negative COVID test.
  2. An sms COVID safety declaration is sent to all clients prior to inspection.
  3. On arrival at our appointments clients will be requested to check in via our mobile QR code which will be provided. By checking in you declare that you are not COVID positive, are free of symptoms, have not been in contact with a confirmed case in the last 14 days and have not been directed to self isolate or quarantine as part of a health order.
  4. Sanitisation & Hygiene – our inspectors wear masks and gloves and ensure equipment is sanitised regularly between jobs. They are provided with a full COVID safe kit which is regularly replenished. Hands are sanitised regularly and we request that clients use sterile wipes or hand sanitiser and paper towel to clean door handles that will require physical contact. Please ensure as many doors are left open as possible. Please ensure windows are open, if weather permits, for natural ventilation. Clients must wear a mask while inspectors are in the property and must sanitise hands prior to and after our appointment.
  5. Physical Distancing – Inspectors and clients are required to remain a minimum of 1.5m distance apart. Where it is practical we request clients remain outside the building or in separate rooms during inspection.
  6. Staff Liaison – Only essential staff remain at head office during lockdown periods. Inspectors do not cross over into the building and where possible work on site or at their home office ensuring minimum contact with one another. Toolbox talks and training is conducted outside where the team maintains physical distancing.