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Pest Management

It’s important for your home or business to be pest free. We provide a comprehensive range of pest control services from general pest treatments to targeted pest control for termites, spiders, ants, cockroaches, wasps and rodents. Our treatment programs are environmentally friendly and designed with the safety of your children and pets as our first priority. With the increase of termite activity in our region, it is highly recommended that you arrange an annual inspection of your property to treat and then minimise damage caused by active termites and to identify areas of the building that may be affected by long term wood decay. The costs of repair if a property is left unchecked can be significant.


Termites attack 1 in 5 homes (even new homes) causing millions of dollars in damage each year – and this is not covered by your home insurance! Our expert termite management technicians, provide comprehensive termite inspections and treatments following strict Australian Standards to keep your home termite free, protecting your most valuable asset.

The current climate of global warming and wildlife extinction crisis begets action. We all need to become protectors of not just our homes, but also our nation and our world. At Residential Reports we use EXTERRA Termite Bait Stations because it is the environmentally responsible choice. EXTREERA guarantees termite infestation elimination and protection of your home against future termite attack.

To provide the best protection for your home you need to put in place a termite management plan. This involves three key components


  • Making conditions around your home less attractive to termites
  • Having an annual professional termite inspection (more often in high risk areas)
  • Installing a termite management system around the building to provide lasting protection


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Pest control Canberra is a little bit different to other places, be it the explosion of spiders in spring or European wasp nests in summer, so it pays to us a local pest control company with experience. Our Senior Pest Management Technician Mick Ffrench is Canberra’s leading Pest Control expert and brings a wealth of experience to our customised treatment programs. Our services range from general annual sprays for cockroaches, ants (inside), web-building spiders, earwigs and slaters. We also expertly manage rodent problems for our clients swiftly and professionally.