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Building Certification

Building Certification Made Easy

Building certification is the inspection and approvals process undertaken by an accredited Building Surveyor during construction of a building or structure to ensure the plans and work satisfy the Building Code of Australia. If you require approval for existing structures – our team are ready to make your project a priority and guarantee the fastest turnaround in Canberra.

On completion of a building project a Certificate of Occupancy and Use (COU) is required before the building can be occupied. In the event that a COU has not been issued for an existing structure Residential Reports provides a faultless no-fuss certification service.

A licenced Building Surveyor (also known as a Certifier) will conduct a site survey, complete all the required documentation and liaise with Access Canberra until a COU is issued. The process will be managed by our experienced team in a timely manner so that there is no delay in the event that the property is going to market or you are moving towards an exchange of contracts.

Please call our friendly team on 6288 0402 for more information and to obtain a no obligation quotation.

  • Our expert licenced Certifier works with you and your agent to determine if obtaining Certification for an unapproved structure on your property is the best strategy for your campaign
  • We understand the time-sensitive nature of marketing a property and do our job FAST
  • Our inspections, paperwork submission to Access Canberra and follow up with the appropriate Department is turned around with a great emphasis on the time sensitive nature of your sales campaign ensuring you are receiving  Canberra’s fastest turnaround on your Certification project
  • You can be guaranteed peace of mind that every project is approached ethically and responsibly with no hidden costs

Providing super-fast turnaround for all your certification requirements.

Building Certification Made Easyl

  • Extensions & Alterations
  • Existing works approvals