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In today’s fast paced world of real estate it is information that sets you apart. Our demanding market expect agents to be creative, original…. and most importantly on the ball. At Residential Reports we understand that we are a crucial link to your campaign launch and are an extension of your personal service. We take our responsibility very seriously and recognise the information that we manage on your behalf can assist you to deliver an exceptional client experience. Our exclusive RR Agent’s App will assist to ensure you have everything related to your listings right at your fingertips. Stay on top of appointments, building files, specific property details – and redeem credits to contribute to your marketing campaign as you stand out from the crowd.

Features at a glance:

  • Book an inspection – use our Agent Express Booking online, upload a photo of your paper booking form, email, fax or call us… we want you to book jobs your way.
  • My Current Listings – a snapshot of all current jobs we are managing for you
  • Waiting on Building Files – a list of inspections that are pending receipt of the building file from Actpla
  • Inspections Booked – here you can see a list of appointment details for upcoming inspections
  • My Property Archive – a summary of all previous inspections (archived every quarter)
  • Alerts – we will stay in touch with information to help you with your campaign
  • Contact Us
  • Campaign Credits – credits will be added to your profile for each inspection. Redeem credits to put towards improving your marketing campaign to help you stand out from the crowd

Your Questions Answered

Tell me about my privacy?

The RR App ensures the privacy of your client’s details remains protected. We utilise industry standard protocols. If the app requests permission to access your camera – this is simply a feature that allows you to take a photo of an inspection booking form to email to us, if it asks to access your calendar it is only so your inspection appointments can be added. We do not see any content from your phone whatsoever.

How do campaign credits work?

As jobs are uploaded to our system we allocate campaign credits to your account and these will accrue as you continue to list properties. When you have reached a certain number of points you may choose to redeem a voucher to assist you with your general marketing. From flyer printing to carpet cleaning, your campaign credits are there for you to improve your service delivery and customer experience.

Important Information You Must Know Before You Use Our App

Whilst every effort is made to ensure this exclusive tool is 100% accurate, there are super humans involved and very very occassionally there may be super human error. Our data entry error rate at RR is under 1%. We hope that you can enjoy this fabulous resource built especially for you, whilst appreciating that you are relying on a second tier resource and ultimately your PDF report will be the bible for your client’s contract. It is this document that must be relied upon. We are so pleased that you are using the app and can’t wait for feedback. Go forth and list big! Cheers from the team at RR xo