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Confirming the fine print so we are all on the same page…

Thank you so much for booking an inspection with us. We are really excited to be working with you as you launch your sales campaign. In order to confirm your appointment please read our simple terms and conditions then reply Y via sms to verify your irrevocable commitment to the following terms:

  1. Where there is more than one vendor noted on the contract, I agree to take personal responsibility, on behalf of all parties. I give authority for Residential Reports to undertake my inspection and confirm a request can be forwarded to my solicitor authorising inspection fees to be paid on settlement.
  2. I guarantee the invoice will be paid in full: on settlement, within 180 days of the date of inspection or within 14 days of being withdrawn, whichever comes first. (click here to confirm your package price)
  3. I commit to notifying Residential Reports immediately if my property is not marketed within 3 months or is taken off the market. I understand that the invoice must be paid by me within 14 days from the date the property is withdrawn.
  4. I understand failure to adhere to these terms will result in associated legal and collection fees which cannot be claimed from my purchaser.

Please return to your messages and reply via text with a Y. We will then order building files and wow you with our awesome service!

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